WELCOME TO JOYWORLD! My name is John Orion Young but you can call me JOY for fun. I'm the benevolent and loving creator of this place and we welcome you friend to our world with a big smile and a high-five, hug, fist bump, or warm handshake (your choice).

JOYWORLD is your world. It's an idea and an energy flow. It's about spreading JOYfulness and creativity all around Earth to every human being.

JOYs are the creatures from JOYWORLD. They are a virtual muses with magic powers to help you achieve your wildest dreams and happiest potential. When you collect a JOY, you gain their magic to guide you through pathways in your life.

Each JOY is verified by the Ethereum blockchain to be an authentic 1:1 original.

JOY makes JOYs in virtual reality. You can sometimes watch the creation process live on Twitch. Subscribe to the channel here: twitch.com/johnorionyoung

Become a JOY collector today and help spread peace, love and JOY on Earth!
email me hi@joy.lol
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